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Hubie Halloween (2020) • Screenplay

Hubie Halloween (2020) • Screenplay

"Hubie Halloween"

Screenplay | Script

Written By: Tim Herlihy & Adam Sandler

Final Draft10.07.2020

October 7, 2020Netflix

Hubie's not the most popular guy in Salem, Mass., but when Halloween turns truly spooky, this good-hearted scaredy-cat sets out to keep his town safe.

Oh, at least my mama don't stink the toilet up so bad, we gotta get rid of the shower curtain.

Farmer Louise,

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It takes an army to make a script come to life. Meet the writers of the "Hubie Halloween" screenplay, and the rest of the team that made the movie.

Born October 9, 1966, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Tim Herlihy is a writer and producer, known for The Wedding Singer (1998), Pixels (2015) and Saturday Night Live (1975).

Born September 9, 1966, Brooklyn, New York, US. Adam Sandler is an actor, producer and writer known for The Waterboy (1998), Little Nicky (2000), Hubie Halloween (2020).

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Notable Cast
Adam Sandler Adam Sandler ... Hubie Dubois
Kevin James Kevin James ... Sgt. Steve Downey
Julie Bowen Julie Bowen ... Violet Valentine
Ray Liotta Ray Liotta ... Mr. Pete Landolfa
Steve Buscemi Steve Buscemi ... Walter Lambert
Rob Schneider Rob Schneider ... Richie Hartman
Maya Rudolph Maya Rudolph ... Mrs. Mary Hennessey
Tim Meadows Tim Meadows ... Mr. Lester Hennessey
Michael Chiklis Michael Chiklis ... Father Dave
June Squibb June Squibb ... Hubie's Mom
George Wallace George Wallace ... Mayor Benson
Kenan Thompson Kenan Thompson ... Sgt. Blake
Shaquille O'Neal Shaquille O'Neal ... DJ Aurora
Ben Stiller Ben Stiller ... Orderly Hal L
Jackie Sandler Jackie Sandler ... Tracy Phillips
Karan Brar Karan Brar ... Mike Mundi
Noah Schnapp Noah Schnapp ... Tommy Valentine
Sadie Sandler Sadie Sandler ... Danielle Valentine
Sunny Sandler Sunny Sandler ... Cooky Valentine
Paris Berelc Paris Berelc ... Megan McNally
China Anne McClain China Anne McClain ... Miss Chantel Taylor
Betsy Sodaro Betsy Sodaro ... Bunny Aurora


U.S. Version


Additional Content
Cast Photos...IMDb
Box Office...IMDb Pro
Poster...Official Site

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